As part of their concerts, Tirzah-Quartet uses the screening of an animation film "The Rain Horse", to play the Filmworks-themes live with it.  (15 minutes)

In 2002, Zorn was contacted by Russion animation-filmer Dmitry Geller for the licensing of some existing themes for Geller's new short animation feature : "The Rain Horse".

Tirzah-Quartet Rain Horse

Upon seeing the movie, Zorn was fascinated by it and proposed to make an entirely new soundtrack for The Rain Horse.

Filmworks XIX is a recording with Rob Burger on piano, Erik Friedlander on cello and Greg Cohen on bass.  The movie has a warm and somewhat wistful soundtrack, which suits the movie well.

The film is not your regular feel-good animation film for a saturday night.  Instead, it is a deeply moving collage of poetic and symbolic images that has a powerful impact.  The animation by Geller is simply stunning.One of the underlying themes of the film is the power of the eternal Nature against the fragility of mortal life. This is shown through an old horse, on the verge of dying.  At that moment, a fantastic vision is endowed to the horse : it sees a world of endless love and beauty .At the end of the film, a young little horse shows us the image of the cycle of life.



Tirzah-Quartet wishes to thank Dmitry Geller for his cooperation and permission to use his movie on concerts.